January 9, 2017

There is something really magical about a snowy winter day. I will admit, I always hated 

the cold. I still do, but now I know what to wear. Knowing how to dress can make

anyone love to be outside in the winter. I just love a good pair of toasty and comfortable


December 20, 2016

Planning on going to the European Christmas Markets? Here are five things to remember....

1. First and foremost remember to pack minimal. Most likely you will be brining home lots of new purchases. It is best to ensure there is extra room in your suitcase. 

2. Base layer...

November 25, 2016

As I begin packing for our upcoming trip to Germany, I started to contemplate sharing a suitcase with my daughter. Come to think of it, this always goes through my mind when packing. I have no issue packing her own suitcase, but as always the lighter you travel the eas...

January 4, 2015

For Christmas this year I was given the Malouf Z-gel Memory Foam Travel Pillow. Generally I have only traveled with a neck pillow in the past which has proven to be a solid choice during long flights. There is nothing worse than a stiff neck on a six hour flight. 


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