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The Big Island Luau

When you go to Hawaii it is almost essential that you experience a Luau. Picking the right one can be difficult, when there are so many options. I wanted to pick the right one, something that would live up to my expectations. I was staying at the Marriott and after doing some research it appeared that the Marriott Luau came highly recommend. It was ideal because after the Luau I could just go back to my room. Many hotels offer Luau's, but I highly recommend the Marriott. The price was $90.00/pp. At first glance the price seems a big high. My initial thought was I could do better or maybe even find a deal somewhere else, but after reading the reviews I decided to go for it. Why not right?

The Luau started at 5pm, and because I had a garden/poolside hotel room it was only 50 yards away. At the entrance you were greeted with a shell necklace and photographs. The pictures came out great, but you had to buy the whole package of prints for $75.00. Drinks were included and they were served from 5-7pm. They offered a large variety of beer, cocktails, and wine.

The tables were set up to seat up to 10 people, so unless you are a large group you will be sitting with others. it is a great opportunity to speak with others vacationing on the island. It is a great opportunity to really talk with other traveler and see what they have spent their time doing on the island. You can reserve a table in the front, but the stage is set so high that none of the tables offer a bad view. For dinner, they prepared a wonderful variety of food. Pork was the main dish.They spend all day cooking a roast in the pit under ground. They had a variety of sides, salads, and fruit. They even had a small table with traditional Hawaiian dishes.

The MC starts the show off with little bit of Hawaiian history, and information about how they used the pit to cook the roast. The show it self was incredible with hula dancers, fire, music, tribal dancing, and a legendary storyline. After dinner the show began and lasted up until 9pm. The entire evening was a wonderful opportunity to experience traditional island culture.

The luau was one of my favorite activities. Whether you choose to do your luau at the Marriott of somewhere else, it is a must do.

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