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Hiking Pololu Valley

The very first place I visited on the Big Island was the Pololu Valley. It is located on the northern part of the island in Makapala, HI. From the hotel there were two different routes to get there. The first option, the most direct route, would have taken roughly 50 min to get there. Option two was to take a little big longer route with a more scenic view. I chose to take the more scenic route via Kohala Mountain Road. The roads on the big island were often windy and sometimes narrow, but there were multiple places where I stopped to take pictures of the breathtaking coastline.

Once I reached the valley there was limited designated parking , but the side of the road provided additional parking. September is considered to be the slower season for the Big Island and the lookout point was not very busy. I assume during the busier months it can be a bit more crowded.

The coastline was absolutely gorgeous, the water was so blue, and the black sand looked untouched. At the top of the lookout there was a trail that lead to the bottom of the valley and the beach. The trail was rocky and uneven, but it was a mild walk down. Along the way there were many places to stop and take a break or even take pictures. Once at the bottom the view of the valley was amazing.

The ocean current seemed to be a little strong, but some people still went for a swim. The beach was peaceful and there was only about 10 people. I walked around the area taking pictures for about an hour. Some of the people that hiked down brought a towel and food. It is a wonderful place to picnic and hang out for a few hours.

I highly recommend taking the time to visit the Pololu Valley and spend a few hours there relaxing, enjoying the scenery, and taking in its natural beauty. This was my favorite stop on the whole island.

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