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Traveling with Kids

Often times, when it comes up in conversation, people are surprised by how much I have traveled with my 2 year old and say things like "I could never do that." Its funny because I never once thought that if I took her anywhere it would be so much of a struggle it wouldn't be worth it in the end. I was actually look forward to taking her all over the world with me, and hope that in time, she will come to love globetrotting just as much as I do.

The first time I traveled with her was on a long weekend to San Diego. She and I flew out to visit my boyfriend on a business trip. It was a success with only one uneasy moment, and since then I have taken her to Vancouver, Alaska, Turks and Caicos, and Iceland.

I have always believed that travel offers the best form of education one can receive. There world can show and teach us many things. The following are some of the most important, and I hope these are the ones my child takes away from all of our adventures.


Life does not operate on a set plan, we must adapt to changes and situations beyond our control.

Confidence & Resilience

Being in an unfamiliar place can present its challenges. Sometimes we fear the unknown, but traveling can show people how to navigate and confidently solve problems.

Perspective & Understanding

The world is very big place and seeing how others live in a very different part brings a sense of perspective to people. We take for granted many of the luxuries we are accustomed to, and when your eyes are opened to different lifestyles it can make you question what really matters in life.

Vik Black Sand Beach In Iceland

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