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Adventure R.I.B. Rides Whale Watch in San Diego

On a recent trip to California, I spent some time in San Diego and had come across this whale watching tour from Adventure R.I.B. Rides. They boasted a small intimate experience with the marine wildlife. The idea of no crowds and the opportunity to enjoy a truly unique experience instantly caught my eye. I had been wanting to go on a whale watch for some time, but they are offered back home in southern Maine. I always end up weighing out the option and usually make the choice not to go, simply because I could do this any day of the week where I live.

Once I booked this excursion I showed up to the dock at the Marriott Hotel and has been greeted by an extremely friendly office staff member who got me ready to go. I met this very nice family on the dock who joined me on this trip, and Captain Clint. We boarded a very small RIB boat which was once a Navy Seal boat they purchased. It fit 6 passengers comfortably and offered prime views from each seat.

As we made our way out into the open ocean Clint took the time to get to know each one of us, and to give detailed safety info, a history of the boat we were on, facts about San Diego and the wildlife. As we approached the open ocean I had grown even more excited because Clint told us that our primary focus today was the blue whale. Blue whales are the largest animal that have ever existed on the planet. They have made their way onto the endangered species list due to poachers in the 1900's. Somewhere between 11000 and 20000 remain, but they have been increasing slowly.

e boat and we were able to climb up to the bow of the boat and lean over to watch the dolphins swim with the boat. It was easy to catch a good look at them and snap a few photos because they gathered on both sides of the boat. As I leaned over a few sprayed me in the face as they cam up for air.Each day is not a guarantee but I felt like Clint was going to make sure we had a good time. On our way out Clint picked up speed. The ride alone was fun, and the view of the coastline was gorgeous. After about 5 min in the open ocean we saw a pod of common dolphins feeding. As we pulled up to them they had begun to swim with th

After about 10 min we decided to continue our search for blue whales. About 30 min later we spotted a spout. Once we headed to that location and slowed the boat down we waited to see if it came back up. We were floating with not another boat or the coastline in sight, when we heard a very loud spout from behind us. It was almost startling. Everyone in the boat whipped their head around as fast as possible. I was seated in the last row and turned around to a clear view of an absolutely enormous whale about 50 years behind us. As it dove back down and its spine curved over the surface of the water, you could really see the width of the body and the size was incredible. The whale was even bigger than I imagined it would be. I stood there staring at the beautiful giant in complete amazement.

After we spotted one we begun to easily find more. They were quite active, they came up and then dove back down to feed on more krill. Each one was just as mesmerizing as the first. Clint explained that only one percent of the earth's population has seen a blue whale. I am incredibly lucky to say I am part of that one percent. By the end of the day we had seen two pods of common dolphins and six blue whales. The entire trip lasted about three hours and was and incredible experience. I am extremely happy I chose a company that employs people who are truly passionate about marine wild life and are determined to provide and incredible experience. The tour cost $96.00 and was worth every penny. A great deal for the price and personal touch that Adventure RIB Rides provides. Next time your in San Diego check them out and definitely ask for Clint.

A Blue Whale in the Distance

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