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Do You Check a Suitcase Just For Your Child?

As I begin packing for our upcoming trip to Germany, I started to contemplate sharing a suitcase with my daughter. Come to think of it, this always goes through my mind when packing. I have no issue packing her own suitcase, but as always the lighter you travel the easier it is!

I bought her own suitcase for our trip to Turks and Caicos last summer. We were going for a week and needed room for the extras which included her beach toys and float. It all depends on the destination and what you need to bring.

As an infant her own suitcase was necessary, but as she gets bigger the need to pack all the extras becomes less. For Germany I did decide to go with her own suitcase, because I need to pack winter items for myself and it would be impossible for me to pack jackets and boots, plus her stuff.

On our next domestic vacation I will go with one suitcase. Her clothes are small and her toys are small enough now that they can be placed in her carry on bag. It will also stop me from over packing, which can be a challenge.

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