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The Kid Free Weekend and Why You Should Try It

Since my daughter was born we have taken her just about everywhere with us. In just two short years she has been to San Diego, Cape Cod, Vancouver, a cruise through Alaska, Turks and Caicos, Iceland, and a road trip through Vermont. My hope is that she loves to travel just as much as I do. Luckily for us she is a good traveller, and a pretty easy going kid.

However, with that being said there is a little more planning that goes into our travels. From picking a family friendly destination right down to what toys we brought. Each trip was a memorable experience and I wouldn't have changed our desicion to take her, but every now and then we choose to go on a kid-free weekend.

Sometimes a parenting - timeout is needed. We are fortunate enough that Penny has an incredible relationship with her grandparents. Often times she goes away for a little weekend of her own to her grandmothers. So when a long weekend escape presents we decide whether or not the trip is an opportunity for an adults weekend.

Most recently we went to Washington D.C. which was the perfect time for an adults weekend as we were catching up with friends and had a jam packed itinerary.

Here are a few reasons why you should try a kid free weekend.

1. The non-plan plan. When traveling with kids there is the constant need to be prepared, but the kid free weekend gives you a chance to decide on the go or when you get to the destination what it is you want to do.

2. Its an opportunity to re-charge your batteries and relax.

3. Late nights can be fun when you don't necessarily have the opportunity to do so all the time.

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