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Long Weekend Ideas: Washington D.C and Surrounding Areas

This past fall I took my first trip to Washington D.C. I have wanted to go for sometime, but never really follow through with the planning part. A couple of years ago our close friends re-located to the area. We went down to visit them for the first time, and had the most amazing weekend exploring the area and spending time together.

We arrived at the DCA Airport Thursday night late, giving us the opportunity to have a full day of exploring Friday and Saturday. Flights from Boston to the Washington Airport are frequent enough that we had options. We chose to leave late Thursday and leave relatively early on Sunday. This type of schedule works best for me when going away for a long weekend. I feel too rushed if we get home late and then I have work on Monday. We also chose to go kid free for a change of pace. Often we bring Penny with us, but every now and then I like to take a kid-free weekend. She loves spending time with her grandparents, so it really ends up being a win win.

Below are a few things I highly recommend doing if you are in the area for just the weekend.

Hike Through Great Falls Park

This is a great place to go for a hike along the Potomac River. There is a nice picnic area should you bring some food and there are many trails to walk along. The park offers multiple look out points and beautiful river views.

Mt. Vernon

Mt. Vernon offers a beautiful museum dedicated to George Washington and our nations history, a detailed and informational tour about the property and Washington's family, and a gift shop.

Lunch & Shopping in Downtown Alexandria

Brunch at Feed & Grain

The Museum of Natural History

As a museam lover, I was in heaven in D.C. Some of the museums are free to public and others charge a fee. We decided to go to the Museum of Natural History which was incredible. Human Origins, Mammals, and Ocean Hall were my favorite. Don't forget to check out the Buttery Fly Exhibit if you go. We also went to the International Spy Museum which was very interesting, interactive, and worth the visit.


See The White House and The National Monuments at Night

Happy Planning!

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