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Where Are You Traveling To in 2017?

As 2017 approaches, I reflect back on 2016 and fondly remember where I went and what I experienced. I look back and think..."Did I go everywhere I wanted to?" The answer is usually. No. I am extremely ambitious and want to go just about everywhere, so I guess you could stay I always think I could have squeezed in one more trip. This past year I visited San Fransisco, San Diego, Washington D.C.,and Germany.

Working full-time doesn't allow me to travel consistently throughout the year, but I plan my vacation time out pretty well in advance, and balance my time away. I love living on the seacoast, so I generally like to spend June-September here in Maine. These are prime time travel months, but summer-time in Maine is beautiful, and living on the coast is a huge plus. It is extremely hard to part with the warm summer up here. However, if the trip is right off we go!

I am a planner so I have been busy planning 2017! I do enjoy a good trip on a whim, but for the most part I really like to plan ahead. For 2017 we will be visiting Disney World (March), taking a roadtrip along the Maine Seacoast (June), exploring the island of Malta (September), and jumping across the pond to Denmark (TBD). I also would really like to ring in the new year somewhere else, maybe Quebec City, after all it is Canadas 150th birthday this year.

Where will 2017 take you?

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