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Why Icelandair Is One Of The Best Airlines to Travel With Kids

Icelandair has been making big strides towards becoming the choice of travelers wishing to visit Iceland and Europe. Leaving from the US, Iceland is close to half way between the two continents. With affordable airfare prices, Icelandair is popping up all over flight search engines. They also offer a Stopover program allowing passengers to stay up to 7 days in Iceland prior to taking their connecting flight to Europe or elsewhere. In addition to the Stopover program they offer a buddy where someone from the airline will show you around Iceland.

Aside from these reasons that are causing Icelandair to boost in popularity, Icelandair is an excellent choice for traveling families. On our last flight to Europe we chose to take Icelandair. I had no idea the impact the airline would have one me. We were greeted with excellent customer service from each flight attendant we encountered, and each leg of our round trip flight included a string backpack with a meal, jucebox, snack, crayons/colored pencils, a coloring packet, a card game, and headphones for my daughter. They kept her busy for a while. She also used the tablet in front of her. Icelandair offered an electronic coloring book, electronic drawing board, and various children's movies for free. My daughter loves playing games on her tablet so these electronic options held her interest for most of the flight.

I greatly appreciated the customer service and kid friendly atmosphere Icelandair provided. Flying with a two-year-old can have its challenges, but Icelandair did their best to ensure the children on the flight were fed and entertained.

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