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How Do You Choose A Destination?

With 2017 underway, I couldn't help but get all excited about the places I wanted to visit year. I am an extreme planner, but this year I tried to take it back a little and not plan so far ahead. I waited until I rang in the new year to start planning. It was hard holding off, but it was even harder choosing where to go.

Working a regular 9-5 job does have its limitations, obviously, but I earn a decent amount of vacation time. It allows me to take close to 4-5 weeks off a year. After being all over the map (literally), I decided to think about what it was I really wanted to experience in 2017. After much soul searching, I realized this:

1. My mother, daughter, and I went on a girls trip in 2016. We made our way to the German

Christmas Markets in Bavaria and it was an incredible experience. My mother

had never been to Europe before and she completely fell in love.We decided to make our girls trip

an Annual tradition, and I am determined to make this trip happen in 2017

and in the years to come.

2. I wanted to take a trip to a warm climate with my boyfriend, but without my daughter.

I love traveling with my daughter. She is the best travel buddy I have ever had, but

I do believe in adult vacations. There is something so infatuating about the

idea of a 10+hour flight where you do not have to help entertain a toddler.

3. I wanted to celebrate turning 30 with checking something off of my bucket list.

4. I wanted to spend the entire summer experiencing Maine. There is such a short time in

New England, specifically Maine, where the weather is nice and the ocean water

is tolerable.

After figuring out what I wanted to experience in 2017, I began deciding where our girls trip would be, what warm climate I wanted to soak up Vtamin D in, and what I wanted to check off my bucket list. My mother and I both decided there was really something quite beautiful about winter travel around the holidays. We will be heading back to Europe in December, but this time to Denmark. For my bucket list, I really wanted to go to Malta, and it happens to be pretty warm there in the Mediterranean Ocean. As for spending the summer enjoying Maine, we live on the southern seacoast so we will spend time here, road trip up north, spend sometime in Boothbay Harbor, and frequent Portland.

How do you choose a destination?


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