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Choosing A Hotel to Stay At During a Disney World Vacation

Disney World is a top travel destination for families seeing an average of 53,000 visitors per day. When planning a trip to Disney choosing the hotel is one of the most important steps. Disney offers many hotels each very different and unique from the next. When narrowing down your options here are a few things to consider....


Depending on how many days you decide to stay the price can add up quickly.


Choosing a hotel in Disney can save you the cost of renting a car/an Uber. Disney hotels offer

transportation to and from their parks and Disney Springs all day long.

Number of Park Days

If you are planning a few park-free days you may want to consider a

hotel with a nice pool area.

Once you have decided on price, location, and the number of park days you plan on having, you can narrow down your search. Below are a few recommendations within Disney

Port Orleans - The French Quarter

*Photo from Disney Website

Disney's Animal Kingdom

*Photo from Disney Website

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