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Are You More Likely to Choose a Destination Near the Ocean?

York Beach Maine

Since Spring has officially sprung, Penny and I have been spending more and more time at the beach. Now is a perfect time to go to soak up some vitamin D before they become overcrowded. At three-years-old she is very familiar with the beach, and has started to ask to go the second she wakes up. Part of this obsession stems from living on the coast of Maine. Something I think we both love. She spends time playing in the sand, running around, and swimming. Today, even through the tide was high Mother Nature left just enough to fly a kite.

As we spent our morning flying the kite and relaxing in the warm sun, I started to think about many of the destinations we have traveled to and those trips we are currently planning. Almost all off them are near the ocean except for a select few. I never really gave much though to it, but I do love the ocean. I find myself drawn to the calmness and natural beauty, and when traveling with kids a beach day is perfect when your days start to become extremely busy. Allowing you time to recharge and providing the kids with a chance to exert all of that built up energy.

If I take a second to think about the places I have been to, I find that many of them are destinations where the ocean is a large part of the culture. So what is it? What is it that draws us to the ocean time and time again? For me, I love the sound the ocean makes as it hits a rocky shoreline. Simply seeing the ocean calms and rejuvenates me. Whether I am laying on a soft white sand beach in the Caribbean or walking along the black sand beach in southern Iceland ,I find myself calm and happy. I can see that the ocean brings joy to my daughter. Most nights we take a walk down to the beach and depending on the tide we either walk the beach or sit on the rocky shoreline and enjoy the ocean breeze. So tell me, why is you travel to coast destinations?

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