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Fairy Garden and Gnome Discovery Walk

So how is it you spend a sunny spring Sunday afternoon? At a Fairy Garden and Gnome walk of course! This past weekend Penny and I made our way to Salisbury, Massachusetts to take a walk through the woods in search of fairy's and gnomes. Each year Pettengill Farm puts together a walking path lined with fairy and gnome houses created by various people and organizations within the community. Collectively there are about 150 displays for viewing. Each display is quite unique from the next.

Fairy Garden

Penny enjoyed peaking in the houses and searching for fairies. Many children had fairy dust they would sprinkle by the homes. Experiences like this are what I love most about being a parent. They provide an opportunity to observe the sense of wonder that Penny has. For those of you who missed the Discovery Walk, I urge you check it out next year. The farm also offers various local artists and food options along with a lovely garden center. Check out some of the photos from the walk below.

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