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The Great Wolf Lodge

This past May we decided to visit the Great Wolf Lodge in Central Massachusetts. Penny was turning three and we wanted to get away from the the rainy cool weather to celebrate. After throwing out a few ideas we decided to make the trip to the Great Wolf Lodge, an indoor resort centered around entertaining kids. After much contemplation we decided on a one night stay, which gave us two days at the water park. You are free to go from open to close each day.

Upon arrival we were given wristband room keys, which was perfect considering we would be in the waterpark most of the time. Once we dropped our stuff off at the room and Penny dawned her Birthday wolf ears, we headed out to explore the resort. The water park offers 5 giant water slides, a wave pool, kiddie (2ft) pool, a water playground, 4 kids slides, a lazy river, a hot tub (half inside/half outside), and various toys that squirt water for the kids to play with. Penny was instantly drawn to the water park. She loves to swim and each time we wanted to head back to the room or grab food, she was not happy. I too enjoyed the water park area. I sat most of the time in the 2 ft pool and let her wander around freely while wearing one of the provided life jackets. She tends to be very independent.

Aside from the water park, the resort offers activities raging from story time to arts and crafts in the lobby, four stores, an arcade, ice-cream stand, a resturatunt, two bars, a pizza place, face paint, a mani pedi spa, indoor obstacle courses, and various other activities throughout the resort. The rooms offered rustic decor and space. This was perfect for us as we were traveling with another family and would often pop into each others rooms.

This resort is perfect for a one night getaway and might be something we do again during the winter when we are missing summer weather. Its a perfect option if your planning a trip with a few families. What I really enjoyed was the additional entertainment. Storytime in the lobby and the dance party with bubbles gave me as a parent a few min to relax. Watching a three year old in a waterpark can be quite exhausting. My professional tip: If you plan on eating at the restaurant inside the resort, make a reservation ahead of time. We had to order pizza delivery because the wait was 2 hrs.

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